Best Homestay in Tinchuley

Best Homestay in Tinchuley

Tinchuley is a little village nestled in the Eastern Himalayan foothills in the Darjeeling district of north Bengal. The lush pastoral scenery of this site makes it a pristine location and a destination with boundless natural beauty. It is spread across huge expanses of mountains and tea gardens. Tinchuley is like a live painting that you want to enter and stay in forever because of the clean mountain air, tranquil atmosphere, and expansive vistas of the snow-capped Himalayas. To know more on Best Best Homestay in Tinchuley continue reading further.


Geological location of Best Homestay in Tinchuley


Approximately 66 kilometres from Siliguri, 32 kilometres from Darjeeling, 30 kilometres from Kalimpong, and 73 kilometres from New Jalpaiguri, Tinchuley is situated in the Takdah district of North Bengal, near the state borders of West Bengal and Sikkim. The Kanchenjunga Hills are in front of the hill town.


  • Ways to reach Tinchuley

You can reach Best Homestay in Tinchuley, through,


1. By railways

Tinchuley lacks a railroad station and no train service. About 70 kilometres away in New Jalpaiguri is the closest significant railway station. Regular trains run to NJP from West Bengal’s major cities and towns, including Kolkata, Cooch Behar, Asansol, Durgapur, Rajshahi, etc. To get to Tinchuley from NJP Junction, you can either order a taxi, rent a car, or use a local bus.


2. By roadways

Through NH10 and NH110, Tinchuley is well connected to the rest of North Bengal and other regions of the state. Few local buses travel from Siliguri to Darjeeling or Kalimpong and make a stop in Tinchuley. Additionally, there are choices for shared cabs. However, there is no nearby public transportation. Therefore, the best method to get to Tinchuley is to rent an outstation automobile from the NJP station, Siliguri city, or Bagdogra Airport, and then drive to the village.


3. By airways

Bagdogra Airport, which is 77 KM away, is the closest airport to Tinchuley. To get to Tinchuley by road from there, you must either arrange for an airport taxi or rent a local vehicle.


  • Beauty that you can enjoy while you are staying in Best Homestay in Tinchuley

A lush natural area at an elevation of 5500 feet is Tinchuley. Three distinctive hills that surround the valley town below and set the village apart. Near the settlement, the Teesta and Ranjeet rivers cross, creating a well-known geographic landmark. The World Wildlife Federation’s cooperation has helped the area’s natural resources. In addition to having orange and tea groves, it is renowned for its floriculture, vermiculture, and organic farming practices.


  • Things to do in Tinchuley


Visit the local farms and meet the local families who are helping to transform the village as you stroll through the neighbourhood. Visit the area’s orange orchards, the most well-known of which is Nirmal’s. Orange tree clusters can be crossed when they are in fruit or are in full bloom. Additionally, there is a factory nearby where you may sample and buy fresh jams, juices, pickles, and other locally produced fruit-based goods. Go to the nearby tea gardens. There are six notable tea estates in this area. The most well-known tea gardens are Peshok and Rangli Rangliot. Daybreak View Point, also known as Tinchuley View Point, is a location that overlooks the Teesta Valley and provides breathtaking views of the Himalayas, especially at sunrise. Views of the Kanchenjunga Peak, the Kalimpong Hills, eastern and western Sikkim, and Latpanchar are also visible. Other than this you can also visit,


1. Lover’s Point: From the top of the hills, this vantage place provides stunning views of the Teesta Valley and the meeting point of the Teesta and Ranjeet Rivers. This location is also great for morning or day hikes.


2. Gumba Dara: This hilltop location, which is popular for rock climbing and exploring, has big rocks and naturally carved mountain caves. The 200-year-old ancient caves have cultural and historical value. The 200-year-old ancient caves have cultural and historical value. To get to the rocks, you can alternatively hike through the neighbouring pine forests.


3. Tinchuley Monastery is a well-known monastery in the area that was founded under the Nalanda order and has significance in the local folklore. It is thought that a monk from long ago meditated here for 17 years.


A little village famed for its superb horticulture, Chhota Mangwa is located downhill from Tinchuley. Here, you may witness a large variety of exotic floral plants, including alpine kinds.


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