Bunkulung – An unexplored paradise near Mirik


Bunkulung is a new found off beat destination which is adjacent to Mirik and Darjeeling. It is covered with orange orchards, lush forest, vast stretches of tea gardens and the shinning Balason River passing through it. This is a perfect holiday destination on the lap of Mother Nature. It is about 14 km away from the town of Siliguri and 18 km away from the town of Mirik.

What to see and Do in Bunkulung?

Along with the breathtaking views there are lot of things to see and do here.

Some are as follows;

  1. Trimmed Tea gardens mostly covered with hilly terrain of Bunkulung.
  2. Across the village there are countless paddy fields.
  3. With garden in the front well-manicured houses of the village.
  4. From the hilly terrain breathtaking view of Kurseong City.
  5. Bokar, which is a beautiful Buddhist Monastery.
  6. Rangbhang, which is famous for orange orchards.

Activities to do in Bunkulung are;

  1. Trek through dense forest to explore the other scenic attractions nearby.
  2. There are beautiful tea gardens which can be explored, tea gardens of Murmah and Gayabari are two famous tea gardens that can be explored by the tourist.
  3. Visit can visit Bokar Monastery which is almost about 18km away from Bunkulung Darjeeling. It is situated in Mirik.
  4. Visitors can walk around the paddy fields, village and tea gardens to feel their serenity. This is full of joy and scenic beauties.
  5. Enjoy the significant sunrise with a cup of tea.
  6. Creating sweet memories by arranging a picnic in the riverbank of Balason.
  7. Enjoy the nearby rivers like Balason and Murmah Khola.

How to reach Bunkulung?

From Siliguri, Bunkulung is almost about 14km in the Siliguri-Mirik highway. The nearest railway station is NJP. Bagdogra is the nearest airport. Visitors can also hire car for reaching the destination. With North Bengal Tourism Darjeeling tour packages, visitors may skip the headache of reaching this place.

Best time to visit Bunkulung.

At any time of the year you can visit Bunkulung. However, winters are the best time to visit. Although rainy season can be charming too.

Where to stay?

Bunkulung homestays offers all modern accommodations. There are homestays, resorts and eco huts too., which are off reasonable rates.

Average cost of the tour.

Fooding and lodging may include Rs 3000 to 4000 where as travelling cost include Rs 1000.

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This is a beautiful place to visit. Visitors may freshen their mind after visiting Bunkulung. The homestays and fooding are affordable and cheap.

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