Buxa Tiger Reserve Tour

Buxa Tiger Reserve Tour

Buxa is one of the most popular Dooars destinations. The area is part of the Buxa Tiger Reserve in Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district. The Buxa Tiger Reserve, one of the largest forested areas in Dooars, encompasses the entire region. The short uphill hike to the old Buxa Fort is also well-known. Lepchakha is a small hilltop hamlet accessible along the same trail that leads to Buxa Fort.  If you are keen on gaining more information on Buxa Tiger Reserve Tour, you have made the right click. Continue reading further for more info. 


Factors that attract tourists to the Buxa Tiger Reserve Tour


We have a special place in our hearts for Buxa, Jayanti, and Lepchakha. Our first excursion to the Dooars and North Bengal was to Buxa Tiger Reserve and Jayanti. We had been to these locations before we went to Darjeeling. Our first introduction to the magnificent world of hiking and trekking was the Buxa Fort Trek.


In 1983, the forestland was designated as a Tiger Reserve. Buxa Tiger Reserve formerly had the alternate-largest barracuda population in West Bengal, after the Sunderbans. Still, the number of barracuda is dwindling moment. In fact, some original occupants believe that the Buxa Tiger Reserve has nearly no barracuda left. We’ve no way of knowing the verity. Still, we’ve no way heard of any excursionists seeing barracuda in Buxa. 


Ways to reach Buxa Tiger Reserve Tour


Buxa is one of the oldest settlements in North Bengal, located 14 kilometers from Alipurduar and 180 kilometers from Siliguri, a popular tourist destination. Alipurduar Junction or New Alipur Railway Station, 37 kilometers distant, is the closest railway station. The reserve’s entrance is only 15 kilometers away from Rajabhatkhawa. Taxis to the reserve are welcome, and the best way to reach there is via the NH 31 highway.


Tourist spots near Buxa Tiger Reserve

  1. Buxa Fort 
  2. Jayanti 
  3. Mahakal cave

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