Chaaya Taal sikkim

Chaaya Taal in Sikkim


Chaaya taal is a perfect place for those to wants to be free from the urban lifestyle. In the Indian state of Sikkim Chaaya Taal or Chayatal is a new settlement .it is situated in the western part of the Sikkim. The village of Chaaya Taal is just 32km away from the well-known district. The district is named as Pelling. The scenic beauty of this place is mesmerizing with its flourishing and dense forest, luxuriant forest filled with Himalayan birds and mountain peaks in the backside. This place becomes a favourite destination for the travellers.

What to see and do in Chaaya Taal?

Chaaya taal is an offbeat destination for the visitors. The taal and its scenic beauty which is so mesmerizing are still untouched. Travellers come here obviously for its scenic beauty but also for its other attractions which are Chaaya taal water fall, Monasteries, Dense forest which would be exciting to explore, Red pandas which are not common in other hill stations, Waterparks, and various kind of bird’s species which promotes the beauty of this place. The smooth and green water of the lake will surely freshen the mood of any kind of visitors.

Boating is the main thing added in this Chaaya Taal tour. Apart from this the beauty can be felt not only by visiting the renowned places but also by giving a walkaround all over the place, this will lead the visitors to find the place more beautiful. Travellers can hire a car from the Taal to Okhrey and can start the trekking journey from the gateway of Versey named red panda gate’ to Versey Rhododendron Sanctuary.

How to reach Chaaya Taal?

Chaaya Taal can be reached from Bagdogra or Jalpaiguri quite easily. The Taal is 140 km away from Jalpaiguri and it takes almost 5 hrs by car to reach the destination. Bagdogra is the nearest airport in Siliguri it is just 145km away from the destination. Cars are available from Bagdogra.

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Where to stay?

The homestays are limited as it is an offbeat destination. But there is some guest home to stay. Close to the lake there are some homestays which offers a perfect homestay and an amazing view with some modern amenities offered with that.

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Best time to visit Chaaya Taal.

Spring season is considered as the best time to visit Chaaya Taal. This tour is not completed without Kalez valley heritage which can be enjoyed in mid-march.

Average cost for this tour.

Travelling expenses are of Rs 2000 to 3000, whereas homestay and fooding incudes expenses of Rs 4000 to 5000.

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It’s a beautiful place to visit where there is less tourist. The lake enhances the beauty of this place.    

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