Chatakpur – A Snowy Hamlet


Chatakpur is a forest village perched at an altitude of 7887 ft on the hill top above the offbeat town Sonada. Chatakpur is an unsubstantially polluted eco village. It is located 7km from Sonada which amidst the Senchan reserve forest. This place captures many tourists by simple way of living. Due to the tourist cottages build by the forest department help the Chatakpur hill to come into prominence.  The local forest protection committee members manage the cottages by keeping a proper maintenance of it. The main point of earning or the livelihood is sustained through agriculture and crop cultivation by the people of Chatakpur forest village.

What to explore in Chatakpur?

Chatakpur has became the safe haven for the nature lovers due to its unique location which offer the panoramic view of snowclad mountain and Eastern Himalayan range within the lush green forest of alpine trees. Chatakpur is an eco-village which flourish the term of eco-tourism by building tourist cottages within this point forest village. The villagers may experience the unforgettable picturesque destination. After stepping 7km through the alpine forest the visitors catch glimpse of the deep forested area and if they are lucky enough, they may spot some eagles, small wild animals. Chatakpur is famous for its rich flora and fauna. After watching the astonishing tower, they may look the beautiful sunrise of that place. If the day is clear tourist may be lucky to see the peaks of Kanchenjunga. There are many trek routes that lead to the hilltop of the Tiger hill. During this trek visitors may catch the breathtaking glimpse of Mount Kanchenjunga. It is the home of great Himalayan Black Bear family. These are the main Chatakpur sightseeing places. The altitude of this place is about 7887 ft high.

 Where to stay?

There are many well reputed Chatakpur homestays. Wbfdc Chatakpur resort is one of the most important homestays. It may be considered as the best homestay here. Homestay here offers cheap rates with all accommodations and amenities available.

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Best time to visit Chatakpur.

The beauty of Chatakpur can be visited throughout the year. But to witness a different and serene beauty of the mountains one should be visiting during the middle of October to December months. The sky shows colours and remains pretty clear according to the locals. Those who are trying to explore the virgin forest of that place are advised to avoid the rainy season from June to mid-September.

Average cost of the tour.

The total cost of the tour may include Rs 3000 to 4000 for lodging and fooding.

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It’s a beautiful place to visit affordable rates of homestays and a peaceful nature with less crowed area. 

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