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Many of you have been fascinated by my travels as you followed my voyage across Sikkim on Instagram, and now you can follow along with the entire and detailed itinerary. If you are willing to enjoy the serenity of the hills and the greenery, then welcome to east Sikkim. In this blog, the point of discussion is on the east Sikkim tour.


Some of the best East Sikkim tour Sikkim advice


So now we’re getting to the fun part: the itinerary.  It is recommended to spend a minimum of one week, although more days are preferable. Let me provide some practical aspects first before I get into the technicalities.-


  • Bagdogra, in West Bengal, is the closest airport, and it can take up to 5 hours to get to Gangtok or other attractive sections of the state from there. So, regardless of where you’re coming from, set aside one full day for travel.


  • The good news is that a new airport in Sikkim opened on October 4, which will make traveling to the city much easier. It’s approximately 33 kilometers from Gangtok, therefore the trip will take only one hour instead of five.


  • The roads in Sikkim are terrible, and landslides are common during the rainy season. Keep this in mind while planning anything; Mother Nature may force you to make changes to your plans.


  • It’s a smart idea to bring a cab with you for all of your days there. Self-driving on the roadways might be dangerous, therefore only do so if you are well-versed in such situations. Did I mention that roads can be pretty bad? Sometimes they aren’t even there, yet you must still drive!


  • Even if you are a vegetarian, food is not a problem. It appears to be a utopia for non-vegetarians!


  • Sikkim is commonly mistaken for a Buddhist state, but it is not. Though Buddhism is an important component of the state’s culture, it is primarily Hindu. People of both faiths coexist and frequently intermarry; for example, my driver, Nima, was Buddhist, but his girl companion was a Hindu, and neither of their families had any objections. 


  • It’s also exceptionally safe here. My driver informed me that, in contrast to the rest of India, it is also very safe for women. However, walking alone in the middle of the night is not advised. Choose a local guide for convenience.


Are you planning for a short east Sikkim tour? Then continue reading further


  • Step in at Gangtok

Arrive in Bagdogra and take a taxi to Gangtok. You will be fatigued by the time you get to the capital city and will simply want to rest. Stop along the road to view the majestic Teesta river, which is certainly a sight to behold. For the long drive from the airport, if you’re with Anand, ask him a lot of questions. The road is excellent, and it is the only one that I have found to be so.


If you still have energy in the evening, go to the MG Marg, where everyone from the city congregates. It contains cafes and a few bookstores as well; it’s lovely, but not exactly my style.


  1. Nathula to Gangtok 

Because you will be exhausted after the previous day’s travel, I recommend spending the first half of the day visiting Nathu La and then spending the second half of the day exploring Gangtok.

 This can be a short and complete tour if you are willing to plan for an east Sikkim tour for a 3-4 days trip. If you are willing to get more info on package booking and weekend tour packages, visit the holiday club India.

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