Kitam Bird Sanctuary

Kitam Bird Sanctuary


Kitam bird sanctuary offers a host of paradise for the bird watchers and the enthusiasts of nature. Situated 2000-3000 ft above the sea level, this bird sanctuary is home to more than 150 different species of birds and animals.

How to reach Kitam bird sanctuary?

Upon reaching New Jalpaiguri railway station, any rented car takes the tourists up to Namchi. The sanctuary is located just 19 kms away from Namchi. It is very easily accessible by roads.

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What to explore in Kitam bird sanctuary?

Kitam bird sanctuary is a very famous spot among the bird enthusiast and bird watchers. The sanctuary is open for visit throughout the year. Rare birds namely Scarlet Minivet, Himalayan flame, Red Jungle fowl, Indian Peafowl, Green magpie and many more flock here all year making it the most appropriate spot for bird watching. The rivers Rangeet and Manpur flowing through the dense forest makes the ambience extremely serene and unique. Kitam village happens to be one of the oldest villages with mud huts built over 200 years ago. The higest point of the sanctuary is the Tumbol Schor that offers the visitors a panoramic extremely eye gazing view of mountains and green lushes. Namchi, Ravangla and tea gardens are the nearby tourist attractions of Kitam bird sanctuary.

Where to stay?

There are homestays available at Kitam village with well mainted and upgraded amenities for the visitors. The accommodation is quite relaxing with proper geysers and electricity.

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Best time to visit this place

Usually the months from May to October is considered to be the best time to visit the bird sanctuary as the migratory birds flock here during that time making it the appropriate time for bird watching for the enthusiast. The weather also remains quite soothing during those months.

What can be the average cost of visiting Kitam bird sanctuary?

The trip cost comes around Rs 12000-15000 per person including travelling expenses, accommodation and food cost.

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The uniqueness of the place and the amazingly calm and soothing ambiance makes Kitam an absolute choice for the ones looking for a quick getaway to the mountains among the green density. A trip to this bird sanctuary must top the list of places to visit for the bird watchers as it offers a view of beautiful migratory birds.

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