Homestay in Bidyang

Homestay in Bidyang

We all need to find solitude in nature from time to time, which requires us to leave our daily lives behind. It’s possible to spend a few days in tranquility and delight in the small hamlet of Bidyang in North Bengal. The azure skies took on an orange tint as the sun fell. This blog includes information on how to get to Bidyang, where to stay, and what to do in addition to our experiences while there. In short, we will be describing the reasons why need to book your homestay in Bidyang.


Ways to reach Bidyang

While you are planning for a homestay in Bidyang, here are ways you can reach it, 


  • Airways: The closest railhead to Bidyang is Bagdogra airdrome which is found around 76 kilometers off from Kalimpong via NH10. And once more from Kalimpong around fifteen kilometers away is Bidyang.


  • Railways: New Jalpaiguri train depot is the nearest railhead, that is well connected with the urban center, Delhi, Guwahati, and different major cities of India. From NJP train depot around 88 kilometer away lies Bidyang. From NJP train depot one will avail either shared/ reserved cars up to Kalimpong and from there by reserved cars Bidyang is often reached.


  • Roadways: From Siliguri is well connected with the urban center, Guwahati, urban center by road tourists have to be compelled to avail shared/ reserved cars up to Kalimpong and from by reserved cars Bidyang are often reaching.


Things that will make your visit to homestay in Bidyang a memorable one 

Here normally picture snow-capped mountains and sprawling tea gardens in North Bengal. Despite how wonderful they are, they are not what you will discover at Bidyang. The simplicity of Bidyang, which is located at an elevation of roughly 3000 feet on the banks of the Relli River, is what gives it such beauty. Everywhere you turn, there is vegetation.


All that you just will hear at the homestay in Bidyang, you can measure the sound of the flowing and also the chirping of birds. Silence is gorgeous here. so square measure the clouds that square measure usually solid over the mountain ranges ahead. A full phase of the moon night merely enhances the wonder of the natural depression. The stream and also the natural depression bathed within the soft lightweight of the moon would possibly build a writer out of anyone!


Entertain yourself while your stay at a homestay in Bidyang


1. Visitors can go to the 400-foot-long hanging bridge across the Relli River, which is surrounded by a vast wilderness of lush natural vegetation and is a wonderful place for outdoor enjoyment.


2. Tourists can trek from Bidyang to Dima Falls in about 30 minutes (or half an hour). Despite the fact that during the monsoon season this waterfall swells significantly, for the rest of the year it is quiet and serene.


Nearby Bidyang, there is an orange orchard that is well worth visiting. It is located around 15 minutes away.


3. From Bidyang during a tour tourists can even visit villages like Samtahar, Charkhole, and Patong. Bidyang, Kalimpong, and Algarah are additionally situated terribly close.


There are 2 bamboo forests situated near Bidyang that also are price visiting.


4. For bird lovers/ bird watchers and nature lovers, Bidyang is additionally an ideal location because the village is populated by various ranges of mountain birds.


5. For nature photographers and landscape photographers, Bidyang is additionally a perfect location because it offers a gorgeous landscape of the steep Bidyang valleys on each side that descends towards the banks of the Reili stream.


The Brobdingnagian stretches of the agricultural lands over the valleys area unit value loving.


The read of the astounding mountains coated with thick natural vegetation of the lower chain area unit value enjoying.


There is a viewpoint at Bidyang that provides breath-taking views of the valleys of Darjeeling and Kalimpong hills together with the indirect flow of watercourse Teesta and Relli.


Tourists will relish their favorite past in the Reili watercourse which is an extra charm at Bidyang. whereas in the evening one will derive pleasure from fire or barbeque beside the watercourse bank.

The trip to the homestay in Bidyang will acquire a special position in your memories because of its beauty and sheer serenity. North Bengal has a lot to offer to the admirers just like Bidyang, you can also plan your trip to Tabakoshi homestay, a homestay in Dawaipani India, and the best Raimatang homestay and add Lamahatta sightseeing as a part of your trip. To get more information on planning a trip to the beauty of nature.

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